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Original Pok3gangstas Original Pok3gangstas

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great picture

Not having played any recent Pokemon games this took me right back to my childhood of sitting outside with friends in the sun trying to level up. A good overall picture with plenty of character and cutness about it. There are a few aspects i think could have been improved upon with maybe a little more time put into it. In some places the drawing looks a little rough around the edges and sometimes the colour slightly goes outside ot the lines of the character. This wouldn't be a problem but with a dark background the tiny blue blob outside of the lines on Squirtle stands out more than it usually woould. Some of the shading seems to be slightlly off as well. I know these arn't big things and im not taking away from the amazing picture you have created here but overll i'd say slightlly more time taken and youll be an amazing artist. I look forward toseeing more of your stuff in the future.

Art-8/10 really good but could do with a little more finnes and time taken to clean it up. Also not that much detail and i know this wasn't your goal it was meant to be a cute pictre of characters from pokemon but a tony bit more detail could have gone a long way.
Colouring-8/10 Like i said i think the shaddowing is off in some places. It makes it seem as if light is shining on them individually and not a group if that makes sense. Like i said earlier a tiny bit more time would have improved the overall apearence of the piece i believe.

T-Shirt T-Shirt

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good comic strip

This is one of my favorite little comic strips i have seen in a while. Its pretty perfectlly balanced in my opinion. The art is very good not to etailed for a fun cartoon and not to simple, It catches the balance perfectly so as soon as you see the first picture you know its going to be a funny cartoon. The colouring is also done nearly spot perfect, i like the way you made the background of the second scene slightly darker thus stopping all three scenes from bluring into eachother and causing each one tostand out slightly as the background colours arbt the same from one to the next. The joke also fits in perfectlly with the three scene comic strip that you have put it with. Not Histerically funny but make you smile a little and chuckle uner your breath. All that can be asked for from a short like this. I know a few people who wear t-shirts like this and so i can relate to the characters and i think everyone has one friend that wears a t-shirt with a supposedlly funny/ironic/rude words/image on them. I congratulate you on an amazing short comic strip ( i could honestlly see this in my local news paper) and i look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.
Art- 9/10 A near perfect show of art for a short comic strip. The only thing i would say was maybe a tiny bit more attention to a few details.
colouring- 10/10 a really good colour scheme simple yet effectiv for a comic.
Humour-10/10 all you can expect from a short cartoon like this. To make you chuckle and slightly brighten your day

High Me High Me

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Goo but needs more detail

I like the simplicity of your drawings nothing to complicated but they work. They could be t-shirt designs ect. Allthough this one was a bit confusing at first made a tiny bit more detail on it. It took me a few seconds to figure out it was someone smoking a joint. But i really like your artwork keep up the good work.

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PsicodelicFruit responds:

yeah man thanks (: i know is just a sketch, the angle of the face make hard to figure out at first, but thanks for your review !!!!