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2009-04-30 12:29:06 by platapusman

hey anyone who is visiting my page. why dont you have a seat? choclate biscuit and a cup of a tea? :P


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2009-05-28 14:01:35

hey buddey.

platapusman responds:

hey im still waiting for that collab to come out >:(.

:P haha only joking


2009-08-10 16:04:54

ooh thanks! a cup of tea please! ^^
btw no hard feelings for undone zoom collab, right? ^^'


2009-08-10 16:05:37

oh shi.. I see I ve already commented! XD

platapusman responds:

haha 3 comments all from you. stalker? :P lol nah no har feelings about the zoom collab was probablly going to be shit anyway :P.


2011-03-11 17:20:54

i am crazy (: your way to think make me wanna laugh,
thanks for the review man, just passing out to wish a ... ah ...
happy birthday (: